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Andy Taylor ACS

Dates: TBA

Venue: Australian Cinematographers Society HQ North Sydney

* Limited spaces - $250 per person *

An interactive, hands-on camera workshop with one of Australia’s most experienced and respected cinematographers, where you will be introduced to a range of techniques and practical skills. Designed for students, aspiring cinematographers and filmmakers working at any level.


  1. Getting started in the Film and TV industry - how to break in?

  2. The basics of photography - sensors, shutter speed, ISO, f-stops, focus & framing.

  3. Picture composition – shot size, looking room, headroom, eyeline, lens height, angles, and perspective.

  4. Understanding camera settings – sensors, resolution, frame rates, codecs, log, raw, LUT’s and more.

  5. Know your gear – features, menus, shortcuts, ergonomics, accessories, and limitations.

  6. Lens choices – cinema or stills, prime or zoom, focal length, f-stop, filters, mounts, and adaptors.

  7. Shooting styles and camera support options - handheld, tripod, gimbal, easy rig, dolly, jib, or crane.

  8. Accessories - mounts, monitors, transmitters, lights, batteries, timecode, basic audio, and cases.

  9. Investing in the right equipment - specs, accessories, reliability, compatibility, and future proofing.

  10. Things to consider when choosing a location - the space, backgrounds, light, audio, cost, and access.

  11. Shooting single and multi-camera coverage for interviews, sequences, and b-roll.

  12. Lighting equipment and techniques that deliver great results without a gaTer.

  13. Planning your shoot and being prepared for anything that’s thrown at you.

  14. Drone cinematography - where can you fly; do you need a license and is it legal?

  15. One man band work - recording audio, radio mics, phantom power, and timecode.

  16. Equipment finance, insurance, and public liability – do you need it and what does it cost?

  17. Monitoring, data wrangling and viewing rushes - what the producer, director and editor appreciate.

  18. Traveling with gear and filming in hostile environments - war zones, civil unrest and natural disasters.

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