I have worked with Andy Taylor for more than a decade, on a wide range of television

programmes – from countless “60 Minutes” stories to documentaries, commercial projects and on-line productions.


I cannot recommend Andy Taylor highly enough. 


If there is a better cinematographer in Australia, then I am yet to meet that person.


He is fast and accurate, sensitive and ethical. He sees images as they unfold, almost before they happen.

That has to be instinctive and in the DNA, it is such a rare talent.


Having spent most of his working life winning awards for non-stop action and high-profile interviews in News & Current Affairs shows, Andy is just as capable of shooting exquisite, moody documentary-style programmes or high-end commercial product.


Not only does he shoot beautiful pictures, but  - having worked around the world as an ABC bureau cameraman –

Andy Taylor automatically gives editors what they need. Knowing how to produce and direct a story, as well as being able to shoot it so perfectly, is what makes him so exceptional.


Andy Taylor is always fun to work with, no matter how urgent and stressed the shoot may be. It is clear that he likes people and mixes comfortably with everybody. He also knows how to bring out the best in on-screen talent, not only professionals. Because he is highly intelligent, worldly and easy- going he puts people at ease. These are all great assets.


If you are after the best pictures, innovation and an easy shoot I can highly recommend Andy Taylor ACS.

Do yourself a favour.