Cinematographer - Drone Pilot – Underwater Photography - Camera Rentals



RATE CARD - 2020


Full Day: $1,750 plus GST.

Half Day: $1,200 plus GST.

Standard kit: Canon Cinema EOS C500Mk2 – full frame 5.9K camera with VF and top mic. 

Includes: 17-120mm T2.8 super 35mm cine-servo zoom lens, tripod, Arri matte-box and mounts, 

6 x 128Gb C-Fast cards or 2 x 512Gb CFexpress cards, 6 x 98Ah batteries & charger.

Lighting: 1 x Aputure Light Storm 300d mk2 with fresnel lens and Broncolor Octabox 150 & egg crate,

Creamsource Micro LED with DOP Choice snapbags and snapgrid, various LED's, stands and accessories.

Production vehicle: Porsche Cayenne (first 50Km mileage included then MEAA rate).


Additional Cameras

Canon Cinema EOS C700FF full frame 5.9K camera - $450/day.

Canon Cinema EOS C200 Super 35mm 4K camera - $350/day.

Canon Cinema EOS 1D-C full frame 4K DSLR camera - $250/day.

Canon 5DMk4 full frame 4K DSLR camera - $150/day.


Additional Lenses

Canon cine-prime lenses: 24mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm - $100/day each.

Canon l-series zoom lenses: 16-35mm Mk3 (f2.8), 24-70mm (f2.8) & 70-200mm IS (f2.8) - $50/day each.

Canon 400mm (f2.8) with 2x extender - $100/day.

Lindsay Optics macro attachment for Canon cine lenses - $150/day.


Additional Equipment

Movi M10 gimbal with C500Mk2, C200 or 5DMk4 with 16-35mm zoom lens - $250/day.

Letus Helix Jr gimbal with 5DMk4 and 16-35mm zoom - $150/day.

Wally Dolly with 4m of track or Kinekinetic Mini-jib - $100/day.

Atomos Shogun 7" HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher - $50/day.

Teradek Serve-Pro wireless video/audio transmitter - $50/day.



DJI Inspire 2 with X5s camera, 15mm lens, cine license & SSD - flying 3 sets of batts (25min/set) - $650.

Mavic 2 Pro - flying 3 batteries (25min/batt) - $350.

Job safety and risk assessment via AVCRM - $150 per location.

CASA approvals for restricted areas (eg: R405AB - Sydney Harbour) - $150 per location.



Nauticam underwater housing with Canon 5DMk4, 16-35mm lens and underwater lights - $500/day (plus air).


Single Person Crew Audio

1 x hand mic and/or radio mic - $150/day

Sound Recordist


Full Day (8 hrs): $700 plus GST.

Half Day (4 hrs): $500 plus GST.

Sound Devices 633 – 6 Channel portable field mixer.

Includes: 2 x Lectrosonics radio mics with Sanken COS-11s, Sennheiser 416P boom mic and cable to camera. Extras: Lectro camera Link: $150 - extra radio mic: $100 - Tentacles Sync timecode $50 – HDD recorder: $150.



Rates exclude 10% GST and are door to door. Overtime and data wrangling after 8 hours charged at $150/hr. Domestic travel only days (<8hrs) charged as a half day.

Per Diems invoiced at MEAA rate. Equipment insurance does not cover theft or damage by production staff or talent. Any data recovery expenses are not included.

Cancellation fees charged at 50% of total amount once shoot days are 'locked in' or full payment within 24 hours from the start of the first shoot day.

10% late fee to be added to total amount after every 30 days invoice remains unpaid. Full Day = 8hrs, Half Day = 4hrs.

Upon confirming a solid booking to engage services, the client acknowledges they are aware of and agree to the above terms.

Andy Taylor Pty Ltd retains all rights until invoice is paid in full.